Press release: January 6th. 2019

Sunday, January 6, 2019 - 09:45


Amsterdam, 6 January 2019

Re: Wardens force access gate to ADM Community, UN regulation at breaking point

Today, the municipality of Amsterdam has followed up on its threat to evict our ADM Community, in that wardens broke open our access gate for the purposes of inspection and preparation of an eviction. These wardens personally addressed many of the inhabitants and demanded that they use the remaining light of day to gather they belongings and depart “willingly”, stating that the eviction is inevitable.

However, the UN has already informed the Dutch State in two separate messages that this eviction must be postponed, as the UN suspects that carrying out the eviction entails a breach of human rights by the Netherlands. The Netherlands must first render account to the UN about its actions and the circumstances under which the Netherlands seeks to remove our community.

The events of today give reason to suspect that the municipality of Amsterdam is not pleased with the fact that we have requested and received the protection of the UN. Our Community, which consists of 130 inhabitants, including families with children, feels severely intimidated.

We are finding out, in the most personal way possible, what it means to have Groen Links Mayor Halsema do everything in her power to force the departure of our community through intimidation. Today our home was boldly invaded by persons who refused to inform us on whose authority they were acting and destroyed our belongings. And in previous days, various parents among us were called by municipal officers claiming that their children might well be placed under supervision if they did not leave “voluntarily”.

However, we feel strengthened by the support of our rights by the UN, who is holding the Netherlands to its obligations, and we will not let ourselves be intimidated. We trust in the fact that the Dutch State will guarantee that human rights are no mere theoretical promise, but something that must be enforced – in Amsterdam no less than anywhere else.

The ADM Amsterdam Community