Press release: January 1st. 2019

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 - 14:15

Amsterdam, 01-01-2019

Our 21 year old and close-knit ADM community consists of 130 adults and children.

Already since 2017, the municipality of Amsterdam has put pressure on our community and has tried to rip it
apart. In that process we are constantly threatened with forced eviction without the municipality offering our
community a reasonable alternative.

We have constantly consulted with the municipality, that is our nature, but the municipality did not get beyond
the offer to exile a handful of residents to the contaminated and uninhabitable sludge fields. Under a mountain
of unreasonable rules they can stay there for up to 2 years, build and arrange their settlements themselves,
before being exiled, again, out of their city.

The municipality of Amsterdam is now pretending that our community has in any way agreed to forced
relocation, this is simply not true. It is well aware that the ADM Community invariably refuses to sign the
documents to this effect.

It is also inappropriate that the municipality of Amsterdam makes it appear as if 'agreements' have been made
because this suggests a certain degree of voluntary behaviour while the municipality is constantly threatening
our community with violence.

We are pleased that the United Nations has an eye for our cornered community and sees that our human and
community rights, which are laid down in art. 2,6,7,17,19,24 and 26 amongst others of the ICCPR, are being
violated by the municipality.

We would like to point out to the international press that it is very unusual for the UN to allocate an
emergency request, namely the UN's explicit appeal to the Government of the Netherlands to not proceed,
under the circumstances, to the eviction of the ADM. This request was sent to the Municipality of Amsterdam
on 27 December and any municipality, certainly one led by Groen Links, should be deeply ashamed if such a
message from the UN arrives on the doormat.

The more shocking it is that the municipality, amongst others responsible D66 Alderman Udo Kock, announced
that it doesn’t care for this request from the UN. With this, the municipality has maneuvered itself into an even
more exceptional position, namely that the UN had to immediately send a 2 nd request to the Dutch
Government in which it once again explicitly requested the Netherlands “not to evict” the ADM “to the sludge
fields or to any place else where the conditions fall short of international standards”. In an escorting “request
for clarifications”, the UN indirectly stated why such an eviction would manifestly violate our human rights.
In that context, we also refer to the interview with Geert-Jan Knoops, international criminal lawyer and
professor at the University of Amsterdam in De Telegraaf of December 28th 2018, in which he describes that a
new situation has arisen with the emergency provision from the UN, that can have accountable consequences
if the UN Committee later determines that the municipality has acted against international rules.
We, the community of the ADM, are relieved that the UN now protects us against the non-humane policy of
the Municipality of Amsterdam, which is fully endorsed by the Dutch Government, as revealed by its letter of
31-12-2018 to the UN’s HRC, in which it confirms that it will not conform to the requested interim measure.

We assume that the City Council of Amsterdam led by the Green Left will follow the emergency provision of
the United Nations, exactly as it would expect if the UN were to provide urgent assistance elsewhere. Every
authority of the State, and the State as a whole, have a distinct responsibility to respect and protect human
rights, and to by no means contribute to any act or omission aimed at violating such rights. After the UN’s
intervention, and in violation of its urgent request, such a massive breach of human rights could only be
characterized as “intentional”.

We are confident about the course of the procedure of this international body, noting that the Netherlands not
only have agreed to be bound by the International Covenant on Civil And Political Rights (ICCPR) and the
Optional Protocol, but have also expressed the request to be supported by other member states in the
Netherland’s candidacy, in the end of 2019, to the 2020-22 Human Rights Committee. Deciding to violate this
very Committee’s interim measure request would in this respect too reveal the utmost inconsistency.
Human Rights should not be confirmed as mere theoretical assurances but commitments enjoyed in practice
by those finding themselves in Dutch jurisdiction.

The ADM Community wishes everyone a peacefull 2019