TheaterStraat collective needs YOUR help this time

During the blaze at "De Heining", in the west-harbor area of Amsterdam, last Monday (December 2nd.) the warehouse of TheaterStraat burned down to the ground. TheaterStraat is well-known for their support during demonstrations and events with their iconic yellow-red stage trucks and also provides transportation with their coaches, logistical support and loads more.

The trucks and coaches are saved, but all the rest is gone (sound equipment, stage lighting, mixing desks, the tents, containers, tools, the ware-house, the office and so on and so forth...)

Because of the scale of the blaze (more than 12 companies are affected) it will take a long time before it will become clear if and what will be covered by the insurance company. In any case it will never cover all the losses!

For starters they need help with cleaning and sorting and we need to build them a new ware-house. For now (a lot of) money is needed.

Think back of all the numerous demonstrations, festivals and other occasions where TheaterStraat was involved and donate some money. Ask also your friends and family. Start organizing benefits, because Theaterstraat is paramount for the alternative scene in the Netherlands.

We always relied on TheaterStraat and this time around TheaterStraat needs us!

Donations can be made into the bank-account of TheaterStraat, number: 5010111 (please say in the comment "schenking")

Thank you!!!

UPDATE: Rampenplan is coordinating the relief-efforts: or call: 020 354 18 04