[PHOTO] We installed 200 solar panels onto the roof of the "former office-building" (2014)

We've been busy for almost one year with cleaning and repairing the roof of the former office building.

In the week before our 17th. Birthday Party we did install and connected 200 solar panels, which we managed to buy for cheap through an online auction

Another step towards autonomy!


3532 holes drilled
250-300 (wo)men hours
good mood, 10kg coffee

500m cables
125m threaded rods
1000 M6 bolts
1000 M12 nuts
300m steel L profile
500 concrete tiles
840 trespa blocks (mounting-points)
100m rubber profile
200 PV panels
1 10kW grid tie inverter

Peak power: 10-11kW
first day operation: 30,4 kWh

Electricity produced is entirely "pushed" into ADM's 230~V grid and therefore entirely consumed (no accumulators involved)

This project was realized without a single cent of subsidies and as a co-operation by the people of the ADM


photo's by Bassie