Newspaper AD reports on us, by interviewing ADM resident Suwanne [VIDEO]

The video office of newspaper AD contacted us on June 26th 2018, the day we went to The Council of State in The Hague, requesting an interview with an ADM resident.

Suwanne volunteered and did a video-interview on June 27th 2018. She took the liberty to express her view on the current ADM situation, about the court-case at The Council of State, of the previous day and about the upcoming court-case against The Municipality of Amsterdam, on July 23rd 2018

You can watch the subtitled version of the video-interview here


In the process of approving this video-interview a very significant step was taken; The AD video office changed the original title "Krakers ADM-terrain gaan in Hoger Beroep" (=> Squatters ADM terrain will appeal) into; "Bewoners ADM-terrein gaan in Hoger Beroep" (=> Residents ADM terrain will appeal), after Suwanne had explained that you can't label children who're born and raised here in that way

We're very grateful to have found yet another mass media outlet, that's willing to respectfully report on us, merci AD!


In the video-interview Suwanne states that the ADM should be regarded as Cultural Heritage. This idea was initially put forward by the Amsterdam-West' chapter of the left-winged political party SP, in early 2015

Vera Bals, a graduate student of the Reinwardt Academy, said the same thing in her final thesis (in 2016), which our lawyers brought in as evidence in the most recent appeal court-case at The Council of State. You can read this thesis (in Dutch) here


Also in the upcoming court-case against The Municipality we're not the only one's that are of the opinion that the environmental permit to the company Koole Maritime LCC was wrongly issued (because Koole is NOT intending to start a shipyard on the ADM). Also professor, Dr. Tjittes, who's an advisor to The Council of State, agrees with us. You can read his arguments here