New monthly ADM program booklet with concerts, workshops and more (December 2016)

We decided to not only organize concerts but (regular) workshops as well. This booklet has all the info and some nice stories too!

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Just like a sudden spicy bite at the end of a Christmas pastry, the ADM citizens want to finish the year with opening the gates, feeding the culturally famished, and by sharing their skills and warm heats
So, if you want to come down and learn or share some knowledge, this is the month to do so, just before the end of this wild and intense monkey' year.
Get ready for more to come, because ADM is not only under threat of eviction, it's OUR culture that is under threat of extinction!

Every Monday and Thursday at 9.30:
AFROrobics with Benga-lou in the Cantina

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10.30:
Yoga in a Yurt with flexy Jenny
Every Tuesday 13.00-20.00: Holistic treatments
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Thursday, December 1st. 2016:
WORKSHOP Make organic cosmetics from plants out of the ADM GreenAssGarden
Sage toothpaste, Chestnut shampoo and Herbal travel lotion
Bring sage and chestnuts
14.00 - 18.00
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All workshops by donations

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Friday, December 2nd. 2016: Benefit for Trammeland
Help rebuild this social free-space at the NDSM that burned down
Music by:
- Bomba Roja (Cock-rock, Amsterdam)
- Moonshine Bakery (Electric sing-a-song, Amsterdam)
- Bucket Boyz (Anarcho blue trash, ADM)
Fancy vegetarian feast for beasts!
Dinner @ 19.00 Live music @ 21.30

Sunday, December 4th. 2016:

WORKSHOP Car maintenance with Aart
Get your shit car ready for winter
Handy tips and greasy cheeks
Starts @14.00. Meet @ADM-bar

WORKSHOP: Redeem waste with Davide
Make something useful out of garbage
Starts @14.00 on Helicopter field

Concert & Dinner:
Punk acoustic weird stuff, with
- Ježišovi Nelej (drums, bass, kazoo, SK)
- Dáša Fon Fl'aša (anarcho acoustic folk, SK)
Dinner @19.00 Bands @22.00
Jam-session after concert
Donations Damn It

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Friday, December 9th. 2016
ADM goes LBB (LandBouwBelang)
with Daikaiju, Zibabu, Bucket Boyz and much amore
Free-spaces team up!
Address: Biesenwal 3, Maastricht

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Thursday, December 8th. 2016:
WORKSHOP Organic cold care
Make tincture and cough drops from plants coming out of the ADM GreenAssGarden
14.00 - 18.00 in the ADM-bar
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Sunday, December 11th. 2016:
WORKSHOP D.I.Y. screen printing
With Lizzard and PatoLoco the friendly ghost
Learn how to get your design on a silk screen and print the fuck out of it
Bring clothes to print and bottles to drink
14.00 @ ADM-bar

Thursday, December 15th. 2016:
WORKSHOP Back to the roots!
Learn how to make
- comfrey ointment (you know you'll need it after the next mosh pit)
- dandelion / thistle tincture for liver cleansing
- wool-spider ointment (arthritis and rheumatism)
14.00 - 20.00 with Erika's famous quiche
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Interview of the month: ADM Trees

Hi tree! I've heard and read a lot about you recently and thought to ask you some questions to get your side of the stories.
ADM just celebrated 19 years, so I was wondering if that's how old you are?

Well, me and the rest of the trees have been on this side of Amsterdam for a few years before this lot of squatters moved in.
Actually, 24 years ago, there was another bunch of people living here, but after 4 years they got evicted by Nissan, as they wanted to use the terrain to park their dirty cars. Because it was so muddy, they put wood chips all over, which contained the seeds of our ancestors!
So funny enough, we're here thanks to a car manufacturer in a way.

Wow, what a story! What are the main types of trees here?

We're mainly Willow and Birch trees and we get along pretty well, as we help each other attract beauties like kingfishers, bitterns, and many more birds of paradise and prey.

There were a number of threats of cutting you down, which unfortunately got some of your fellows chopped outside the gate. How is the resistance / fight against this going, with the recent permission of Chidda (heirs of Bertus Lüske)?

We live in symbiosis with the humans that live here, the ADM-ers. They do whatever they can do to protect our lives from that money hungry fucker of Chidda. Last time they stood in front of huge machines, when they came to cut our comrades and some even got hurt, but there was no justice done for them and no mercy on the trees or the birds, who were in their nesting season, which is totally illegal!
Now, to everyone's victory, the 2,500 (official) trees are not allowed to be cut. The municipality does not give permission because the plans of Chidda are not specific enough, apart from doing dodgy business and ruining the lives of all of us, including the people here.

I'm glad to hear this awesome news! Congratulations to you all and may you live many more years to come together with the people defending you and free-spaces!

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