Jetlag festival#4 was epic! (20-22 July 2018)

For the 3rd year in a row we organized the ADM-Jetlag (circus- and experimental music) festival together with Side Kunst Cirque and the Jetlag collective (Toulouse). NB: The first edition was not held at the ADM...

(Main performance area and music tent, photo by Marcin Robak)


This year's theme was 'Jet Service'

(Free water distribution station, photo by EyeNancy)


The weather was beautiful and the vibe was awesome!

There were 4 (temporary) indoor venues (including 'De Trekkerschuur' and 'De Fabriek') and many outdoor stages. Also special tours of the ADM terrain were organized ('The Jet-Safari) and on Saturday and Sunday there was a children's area as well.


(Flyer / template for coloring by Ambrosius for children's area by OCCII Kinderpret)


Right in the middle of the festival was the ADM info-, photo-expo, and discussion area. On Sunday afternoon Hay Schoolmeesters gave a great speech about the current ADM situation:


Many semi-acoustic gigs took place in this area, one of them was by ADM-supporter Cato Fluitsma, who performed her new protest song "Ons Groot Kapitaal" (=> Our [biggest] Common Asset). Before and after this, we went around the ADM with Cato on this day and filmed her in various locations:


All in all around 350 musicians, performers and artists from all over the world (from Mexico to Australia) came to the Jetlag festival and showcased their skill, passion and talent.

(Main bar, photo by EyeNancy)


Thousands of visitors came and on Saturday evening we even had to communicate to the outside world that the festival was sold out!

 (Spiderman performer getting ready, photo by EyeNancy)


As always, all artists and crew worked on a voluntary base and the festival was not sponsored by any commercial party. However, lots of stuff got donated, or was picked up for free.

Merci to all!!!

(Shuttle bus service sign at Sloterdijk, photo by Floris de Zachtbaardige)




Cover photo of this article by Boris van der Meijden: 'crowd-surfing by the drummer and drum-kit of Daikaiju'

More background info on the website of the Jetlag festival


The next festival will be the Viva ADM Festival: 20 - 22 September!