ADM is not evicted, it will stay our home port.

According to the verdict by the Council of State of 25 June 2018, the ADM would have to be evicted from 25 December 2018.
The idea that a bunch of property mafioso have more rights to the ADM terrain then the people living here for 21 yeas is ridiculous.

On this moment there is a interim measure request by the UN Human Rights Council.
That interim measure request states that they cannot evict as long as the UN HRC is investigating our complaints
This does not mean that the risk for an eviction is gone (the municipality keeps on saying they will continue with the eviction as planned). Our lawyers are trying to prevent this now.

On a daily basis enforcers of the local government are coming at the gate, we do not let them inside, on advice of our lawyers

The city claims that the ADM agrees with the forced relocation to the sludge fields, this is a lie. The sludge fields is the only option that the city put on the table. This so called alternative is too small, inaccessible, inadequate and we have to behave like normal peoples. There is no place for the boats. We think that the soil is polluted and is for sure not strong enough, the trailers and other objects are literally sinking in the sludge. The offer of the sludge fields was also never accepted by the ADM. Because of the threat of an eviction, a portion of the ADM residents felt forced to move their belongings to the sludge fields. So the sludge fields are not a voluntary alternative but a forced relocation.

We suspect that the 500,000 euros, that the municipality says they spend on getting the sludge fields ready for the ADM, would have been invested anyway to develop the terrain.

In short: The sludge fields is not a good alternative!

How to help:
- Keep up to date.
- Spread this news.
- Write letters to the government and/or the mayor to tell them to respect the UN and it's requests.
- React to propaganda of the government and press.
- Organize benefit parties.
- Sign our petition:
- Come to ADM.
- Stop the eviction of the ADM!

More info:

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