ADM gave speeches and was being discussed in city council committee FEZ (July 12th 2018)

Once again ADM was being discussed in a city council committee, this time in the new committee FEZ (=> Financial- and Economical Affairs), which was created after the city council elections in May 2018. The ADM is officially the responsibility of this committee, since it includes also the Amsterdam' Port

For starters we gave 4 speeches:

1) Suwanne gave a speech with the subject: ADM = Cultural Heritage

You can read her speech in Dutch PDF icon here, and in EnglishPDF icon here

Suwanne pointed out in her speech that our 'cultural free-space culture' is now officially listed on the website of The Dutch Knowledge Center For Intangible Heritage. You can view our listing here

Another thing Suwanne pointed out is that VU university student Vera Bals concluded in her final thesis that (ADM's) underground place-making is cultural heritage. You can read her thesis here

Unfortunately Suwanne's speech wasn't captured (image-wise) by whoever is in charge of the 'live' broadcast (by the municipality). The only part that was properly recorded was her statement about not leaving the ADM, after she finished her speech. She responded to a question of city councilor Don Ceder, of the political party 'De ChristenUnie' (=> The Christian' Alliance):


2) ADM supporter Cato Fluitsma composed the song 'Ons Groot Kapitaal' (=> Our Great Capital)

Cato wanted to sing her song 'live', while playing the accordeon, but since such a thing hadn't happened before in a city council committee meeting, it needed to be voted upon first. Luckily the committee decided that it was OK ;-)

You can read the lyrics in Dutch PDF icon here, and in English PDF icon here


Cato's performance was filmed by several audience members. You can watch a compilation here:


3) Lisette gave a speech with the title: The ADM' forest, the lungs of the western port area

You can read her speech in Dutch PDF icon here and in English PDF icon here


4) Hay gave a speech on the subject: Why it is wise for the city of Amsterdam to buy the ADM terrain

You can read his speech in Dutch PDF icon here. The translated text in English is PDF icon here


Hay's speech was the only one that was properly recorded. You can watch it here:


After our speeches we were discussed, because of two letters that had been published about our situation by 'Het College' (=> The Board = Mayor and his aldermen). These letters can be read here and here

As always the complete city council committee meeting was broadcasted 'live'. The ADM part (our speeches and the discussion afterward) can be watched here

Once again, whoever is in control of such a broadcast, did a really bad job (on purpose?), failing to point the camera at us, when we're delivering our speeches. Except for two times; during the speech of Hay and at the end of Suwanne;s speech, when she gave her statement about not leaving the ADM. At the other hand; it's blatantly clear from all this footage, that most city council members and the alderman don't give a fuck about what is said to them by us, even when they're officially addressed...


We were very happy that city council member Vreer (of the political party Amsterdam Bij1) spoke out in support of us during the discussion. You can read Vreer's speech in Dutch PDF icon here, and in English PDF icon here

Amsterdam Bij1 also published their statement online. Thank you for the support!


During our speeches, all city council committee members and the alderman were handed an ADM goodie-bag

This bag contained:

- Our speeches in print

- The ADM nature survey 'Inventarisatie flora en fauna ADM terrein', done by biologist Norbert Daemen

- The recently published photo-book 'The ADM community', by students of the Rotterdam' Fotovakschool

- The final thesis by Leo Chrysokhou (VU University, Amsterdam) PDF icon Squatting communities living with natural resources in Amsterdam; an evaluation of community based natural resource management"

- The final thesis of Vera Bals (UVA University, Amsterdam): Underground place-making is cultural heritage

- The final thesis "Kleur buiten de lijntjes', anthropological thesis on 'resistance at ADM", by Vera Caris and Lisa de Vries (Utrecht' University)

- The survey 'The ADM vs. Golfresidence Dronten', by Wageningen' University

- The article "The Living Breathing Lungs of Westpoort', published by the AmsterdamAlternative newspaper

- Our self-published book 'ADM Cultural Free-haven, a living experiment'

- The report of professor Tjittes 'Why Koole Maritime LLC doesn't comply with the perpetual clause, and thus isn't allowed to move to the ADM terrain'

- A bottle of beetroot juice with ADM sticker "20 years of fighting real estate mafia'

- An weekend-pass for our upcoming Jetlag festival

- A poster on A2 format:

Feel free to print out this poster yourself and put it in your window!