ADEV in support of ADM and FREE SPACES



For the past 5 years Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor is taking solid crowds to the streets of Amsterdam in order to rave & dance for alternative spaces in this city. We stand up for a city that recognises the value of diversity, in life and music, instead of merely focusing on the commercial value of things and people.

This year the newly elected local council claims to support and preserve the “rafelranden” of Amsterdam. For this reason we host Het Vrijplaatsenakkoord during our demo and push for constructive talks between those involved in shaping the city of Amsterdam. Will our new Major Femke Halsema be there?

On Saturday 20th October at 13:00 we continue our battle in a loud and creative way to stand up for the Free Spaces like the endangered ADM Amsterdam. Reclaim the city, and support the alternative sound of Amsterdam!

Line up:

Theaterstraat, samen uit de as herrijzen
Sick of silence
Suwanne Jo Clit-Club
De VIPbus
Dutchacidfamily Daf
ADM Amsterdam
Mars Assault.

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VFX | Motion Design | Editing: Jim Teletinis

Video Footage: Flores Schafer -
DWD Studios -

Graphics: Savas Kopidis -

Video Footage:

ADM village eviction protest 21-10-2017

Amsterdam streetrave 21-10-17

ADEV Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor (reportage)

Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor - ADEV 2016

Amsterdam Danst Ergens Voor (ADEV) 2015